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Reusable bamboo coffee cups

Get outside. Catch Up. Take care of the environment whilst you’re doing it. Our cups are up-cycled from bamboo chopsticks, so they’re better for your coffee… and for Earth.

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Don’t choose between your coffee and the planet. Take care of both.

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Sand, Sky and Stone. Our original ‘take away’ style coffee cups as seen on Kickstarter.


Up-cycled from bamboo chopsticks

Why bamboo? Lightweight, sustainable, authentic taste. And, when you double-layer it like we do, it’s a bloody good material for keeping coffee hot on the inside, whilst the cup stays cool to touch.

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How we do it

There’s a load of bamboo left over from the manufacture of chopsticks. That’s where we come in…


130% funded on Kickstarter

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Simple, natural, fun: the habit way

We make sustainable products worth using, so that our people can enjoy the world they protect. We're a small team. And we're just getting started. Sign up for the latest from us.